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Anonymous asked:

Random question: Whats your opinion about freedom of speech? Do you think that there should be limits? Ajejeje

Well that depends on the context of course.

First and foremost, we should take into account WHERE we are given the circumstance that we will be using freedom of speech as justification for whatever we say.

If you are in the USA, knowing that it is coined a ‘free country’—people have individualistic mindsets such that one minds his own business and leaves another to his, then by all means there are practically no limits in this context.

On the other hand, utilization of freedom of speech as a justification in more conservative countries such as the Philippines, and perhaps even India, is formed with more limiting factors such as dominant religious views, possibly political views, sensitivity to social class system and the like.

But considering that this method of seeking out different aspects of a society or community within a certain country might take a while to complete before you can even start speaking your mind, just take note that all these bases are built from Ethics (no not Aristotle’s ethics, alone). You can look this up or read Aristotle’s Nicomachaean Ethics trans. by Terence Irwin, it’s quite helpful in trying to understand the virtues and vices within a society #ShamelessPlug.

Going back, I would say ethics is the most valuable since it is the root of all our limitations in speaking our minds. We must carefully tread the words we use, how we form them into sentences and what we are trying to convey to an audience because one great speech can spell life or death—remember, a single sentence can begin a war.

I am not removing one’s right to speak freely, but we must be careful what we say is in the pattern of THINK. Truthful, Helpful, Inspiring, Necessary, and Kind. With these in mind, I think you will do well to say something that speaks your mind but at the same time involves a benefit to society, or even just a few others.

So, yes, there ARE necessary limits to freedom of speech. But those are more suggestions, insistence rather than commands. ;)


Anonymous asked:

Hi :))) I would just like to ask what's opinion regarding the twitter feud between Terrence and former blue eagles Salva? Thanks :))

Wow that’s a heavy question :)) “What is opinion..” Well I believe it’s subjectivity born through expression :) Jk jk.

I think you’re asking for my opinion regarding that twitter feud.

I’d opt not to take sides in the matter but being a partly Political science student, I will take a side and that will be Terrence’s. 

Admittedly, Terrence has a mistake by even bothering to reply to someone as… inferior in talent-based basketball as Nico Salva, I say inferior because he was simply graced to be placed in a university that offers a good training program to athletes at the perfect and most opportune moment possible because of the presence of key players such as Slaughter, Ravena and the like. And no, I’m not JUST saying this because I prefer Terrence over Nico any day, no, it’s a matter of what I observe plaintively without bias.

Moving on to the real matter, Nico was begging for attention and practically fishing for a little scuffle with that tweet because one, he KNOWS (and if he doesn’t he must be incredibly stupid) he’s a public and popular figure. He’s technically a celebrity. So it’s not rocket science to expect that the tweet will most likely reach Terrence Romeo.

Knowing Terrence, he’s a very emotionally charged player. He runs on emotions, and at times that’s where he also falls. And in this situation, Terrence came from a loss, a heart-breaking one at that because they were a mere one point away from winning, and all of a sudden OUT comes Nico Salva with the ramblings only one would hear from a die hard fan of FEU who needs ANYONE TO BLAME. And I would be damned if I didn’t say Nico WANTED this attention.

He must have known that speaking his opinion like that (which is totally fine because this is a free country after all) would come to Terrence’s attention.

Terrence is mistaken for even bothering with someone like Nico in that sense, he really didn’t have any valid reason for biting into that crack EXCEPT—he came from a heart-breaking loss, he knew his mistake/s and would like to bounce back, and instead of receiving constructive criticism (criticism that would HELP and not further put him down) he gets a blabbering know-it-all called Nico Salva, who just had to say the OBVIOUS—Terrence KNOWS okay? You don’t need to tell him what he already knows.

YES! I said all these things about that man. Yes, I am putting my name on the line because of this post. But I am not going to take these back because we’re all free to speak out minds. :)

And I respect that Mr. Nico Salva spoke his opinion about Terrence’s admittedly terrible performance in that particular game. But I would strongly suggest that he guard his words because he is in fact a celebrity, a so-called role model to his fans and others who know of him. And I don’t want ANYONE to be so easily influenced by the thinking that Terrence Romeo is a “bwakaw”.


Anonymous asked:

Paano po kayo naging close ni Terrence Romeo? If you don't mind me asking :))

hello to you too :)

galing ito kay Terrence: “alam ko naging close tayo nung grad ball, nung hinawakan ko kamay mo.” :)

TAG you’re it from jcsdlzd

@jcsdlzd asked: TAG, you’re it. The rules are to state ten random facts about yourself. Then send this to the ten nicest people on Tumblr.

1. I love a boy without a heart, kidding, Terrence is a good guy :)

2. I can officially say that my current sport is boxing and i love it

3. I only became confident in my singing when I got to duet with my ninong, Gary Valenciano

4. I’m supposed to be studying psychology for a long quiz later but I’m on Tumblr :))

5. I want to go on a high protein diet. MEAT ALL THE WAY!

6. I hate chewing gum

7. When I asked Terrence how to go unli, he told me to send SUPER150 to 8888. -_- I wanted one frigging day and I got 7 for it =))

8. I had to change the spelling of my nickname twice for my cousins and friends who had the same name as me :))

9. I have a soundcloud which I only use when I find out that people listened and commented on it =))

10. I want a mix breed of Siberian Husky and Pomeranian. Pom-sized, Siberian-looking. <3

But sorry i’m too lazy to send this out :)) i shall hope some people find it in their hearts to try it tho and send me their results! :D

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